Learning Resources

Fanga Alafia (WELCOME) Dance

pdf file with step by step instructions on doing this dance.

Dr. Tatah-Mentan
Lesson Plan

Building an inclusive community in the US using African artistic forms.

Panel Dicussion

Yiran Panel Discussion African Arts, Culture and Community in the Diaspora By Tatah Mentan, PH.D.

Fred works on his mural at Bemidji High School

Mural Project: Bemidji High School

Fred did an art residency in Bemidji, Minnesota working with high school students designing and painting a large mural based on his symbols representing the power of education. He worked with students planning, developing and executing this complex work of art.

The students were introduced to many of the symbols Fred used in his paintings, while learning the deeper meanings of these simple shapes. Many designs were considered before the group decided on the final version shown at the left.

This two week project was a wonderful experience for all the student artists, as well as the whole student body. Fred's residency left an indelible mark in Bemidji, and a beautiful work of art.