Symbols and Meanings

Basic symbols Fred used in his work

These symbols are mostly universal African symbols found in many art forms, and are based on the land and plants from the different regions found there. By combining several symbols together, and with his symbolic use of color he created powerful works that represent important human traits.

Fred created a series of symbols to represent the positive human qualities necessary for an excellent life. In some way he developed his own form of Hieroglyphics, or picture writing to be used in his artworks as life lessons for everyone to consider in their daily live

A collection of his artwork

What the shapes and colors represent


In his work Friendship, Fred uses the empty bowl to depict a personal world that requires filling. The symbols for diversity, togetherness, wisdom and transformation complete this design. The red color is used to express the power of friendship.

The top of the bowl is a circle representing the world, and although it is empty, it can hold much. The bowl is a container which is a metaphor for the giving and taking in a friendship. Other symbols include diversity, wisdom, togetherness, transformation and fertility.

Can you spot the symbol for togetherness in Fred’s design? The symbol for transformation looks like circular ripples of water moving out from below the bowl. The rock symbols in the background are meant to represent fertility, or abundance. The color red signifies the power of friendship.

New Release!

Fred Yiran Coloring Book

We are proud to announce our latest project.
We have created a coloring book that lets you see how Fred used these symbols to make his abstract paintings.  We feature 15 of his artworks in this book. Beside each coloring page we talk about the main theme Fred worked with, and what colors and symbols he used in its creation.  There’s even room for you to create your own themes using Fred’s process.